Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Recent Pictures

Last Monday we had a bonfire with the Cubs. Lots of stories, songs, games, etc... It was cool but warmer than lately, about 0 degrees.

Two of the Cubs at the bonfire (one might be familiar to some of you)

The Cubs at the bonfire

Here's our dinner from tonight. Onions, carrots, cabbage, bamboo, chilis, mushrooms, bean sprouts, BBQ chicken and Shanghai-style noodles in hoisin sauce. Very tasty.

Here's some family pictures. Speaking of family, Social Services is threatening to dump some emergency foster kids on us very shortly but just for the weekend. I'm glad we're back to fostering a bit but it is very stressful and nerve-wracking waiting. Also, we are billeting a Katimavik volunteer for a week to give them a taste of Yellowknife culture.

Morning in the Naphan household

Winnie eating some green beans made by Natasha

Going for the grapes

Getting some help picking up the grapes

(We're aware that grapes aren't the safest food but she really likes them and she just gums them a bit)


  1. peel them and cut them and then there are no problems with the grapes

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