Saturday, October 31, 2009

Winnie's Halloween Costume

Winnie had two Halloween costumes: a devil and a ladybug. Here they are:

I'm using the Picasa slideshow feature. Tell me what you think!

Julie and Keith's Baby

Some older news... Julie and Keith had their baby. A boy, Daniel Evan McLean. Here's some pictures of the day he was born.

More Pictures From the Summer

I finally found the charger to our camera (cleverly hidden on our bedroom floor) and I recovered the 2nd batch of pictures from the summer. There are some real winners!

Mr. X stalks his prey

Playin' on grandpa

Mom, daughter and cousin

Our excellent family BBQ

Mom with granddaughter

Pouty face baby

Shauna with baby

Auntie Gake with baby

Winnie dressed up in her "northern" attire (muskrat hat and moose moccasins lended to us from our friend)

Curtis, foster kids, Winnie on couch

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some Recent Pictures

Last Monday we had a bonfire with the Cubs. Lots of stories, songs, games, etc... It was cool but warmer than lately, about 0 degrees.

Two of the Cubs at the bonfire (one might be familiar to some of you)

The Cubs at the bonfire

Here's our dinner from tonight. Onions, carrots, cabbage, bamboo, chilis, mushrooms, bean sprouts, BBQ chicken and Shanghai-style noodles in hoisin sauce. Very tasty.

Here's some family pictures. Speaking of family, Social Services is threatening to dump some emergency foster kids on us very shortly but just for the weekend. I'm glad we're back to fostering a bit but it is very stressful and nerve-wracking waiting. Also, we are billeting a Katimavik volunteer for a week to give them a taste of Yellowknife culture.

Morning in the Naphan household

Winnie eating some green beans made by Natasha

Going for the grapes

Getting some help picking up the grapes

(We're aware that grapes aren't the safest food but she really likes them and she just gums them a bit)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

October News

It has been a while since we posted any updates from our neck of the woods. It has been quite a busy few weeks. Winnie is getting bigger by the day and more and more active. We are trying to introduce new foods and while she is interested in playing with them, she isn't too interested in eating yet.

Cubs has started and it is going well. We have about 14 boys enrolled and the first two meetings have been fun. We are taking a break this Monday for Thanksgiving and then starting back up.

Nikki got a little sick this week and was under the weather for 3 days, which makes it hard to care for the baby. Winnie seemed to stay healthy.

Lastly, we got snow earlier this week (grrr) and it hasn't gone away yet. It's hovering between -5 and 0 C.

I'm back into trying to make a good loaf of bread and here is a nice one I made. I usually have a hard time getting it to rise but I've figured out a pretty good system. This loaf was huge! I should've split it into two long loaves.

Winnie eating a baby cookie

She really likes them!