Monday, February 9, 2009

Pre-natal course and baby Caleb born

Nikki and I had an interesting weekend. We had signed up to take a pre-natal course on Friday night and all of Saturday. We sent the kids to two babysitters for the two days. The Friday night course was just an overview about labour and delivery, the support person's role, etc... There were about five other couples in the course, all due sometime in March.


After the course on Friday, we went to a wine and tapas bar that recently opened here in Yellowknife. It is quite a classy place. We had the cheese platter and a shrimp appetizer - both quite good. Nikki, of course, cannot drink but I had a glass of wine.


On Saturday, we were at the course for the whole day. We learned about pain relief options, external and internal monitors, caesarean sections, assisted births and coaxing tools like the forceps and suctions. They also taught us about breast-feeding, which they highly encourage. Our plan, I think, is to start off pretty naturally, only trying the pain-relief mechanisms if the pain becomes unbearable. In any case, it should be seven weeks before anything happens.


We also had found out on Thursday that our dear friend Jennifer (with her dutiful husband Byron assisting) went into labour in the wee hours of the morning. While we were touring the hospital with our classmates on Saturday, she was in the final hours of pushing. The next day we went and saw them and their baby boy, Caleb. The little fellow was a bit banged up from his painstaking exodus but he was, in all ways, the very model of a bouncing baby boy. Most hearty congratulations to the elated parents.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Some Pictures of Nikki with Child

Nikki has been doing pretty well with the pregnancy. We're into the 3rd trimester and she is due on March 28th, if you forgot. I said to her today that she reminds me of a hen.

New Host

We are switching to Blogger from our old blog at LiveJournal, which is beginning to annoy me for a number of small reasons.

Just adjust your bookmarks, if you're that type of person.