Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sunday with the old Foster Kids

Nikki bumped into our old foster family on Friday and she and their mom decided to let us take the kids for Sunday afternoon. We picked them up after lunch and took them to the park, then back to our house for some Wii, dinner, then back home. We feel a lot better after seeing our old kids and knowing they are okay. The kids were happy to see us and excited to see Winnie again.

A, who is not so little anymore. She grew 3 inches over 3 months and gained a lot of weight. Her speech and coordination is also a lot better.

Nikki, Winnie and A walking to the park. A didn't have proper clothes so we dressed her in Nikki's small clothing. Like we said, she is a big kid now!

A at the park

K playing on the equipment. He hasn't changed much but he can go higher on the park equipment than he could before.

Sisters reunited at last

A shot that A took of me and Winnie

Me and K went back to our condo park and played with the trucks

The old gang reunited. B was playing with a friend, so he didn't come.


  1. It's interesting in that I read a lot of foster parents' blogs in other jurisdictions, and under no circumstances are any of them allowed to post the kids' photos, or any other potentially identifying information such as their location.

    Of course we're always a decade behind everyone else's standards up here, but it's funny that your organization doesn't have that policy.

  2. Great to see that you're still in touch, and that the kids are doing very well.