Sunday, July 19, 2009

Camping at Vee Lake

On a whim, we went camping on Saturday night. The campgrounds around town were all full, so rather than drive far and pay, we just went out to a lake not far from town and set up our tent. Our friends, Jenn and Byron, came with us for the bonfire and me and Nikki stayed for the night. The mosquitoes were quite bad and we were kept busy protecting our young ones but once the fire started going strong, the insects left us alone.

Nikki and Winnie in front of the fire

Our insect-repelling fire

The aluminum-foil-covered object is a banana, split open and stuff with marshmallows and chocolate, a Banana Boat

Our tent, a MEC Lightfield 4 season, which I highly recommend

Inside the tent with the Winster

Her first camp-out

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