Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It looks like no baby before Easter

Nikki is now 42 weeks pregnant and the midwife is saying that it looks doubtful that we will see a baby before Easter. They are a bit leery to start induction before the long weekend due to the absence of doctors during that time. We have agreed to wait a bit longer and see how things stand next week. Nikki went in for an ultrasound this morning and everything appears healthy. Last week, they tried to detect uterine tightenings and they found none, but this week they detected several, which means that the uterus is working behind the scenes to strengthen itself and to soften and thin the cervix before the real contractions start.

But labour could start at any time and there need not be any warnings whatsoever. We are trying some of the lightweight techniques to induce labour: reflexology, acupressure, eating pineapple, raspberry leaf tea, primrose oil pills, etc... Not exactly hidebound science but it is prudent to attempt the safe options before moving on to more risky procedures.

Happy Easter.

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