Monday, April 20, 2009

First Week Home

Winifred has been at home for almost one week now and it has gone pretty well. She sleeps for about half the night, needing one or two diaper changes and feeds per night. Nikki is recovering very well and is feeling stronger day by day and needing less painkillers. She still has trouble leaving the house much. Some people at work are having a baby "tea" next Wednesday.

The toddler, who is now the 2nd youngest child in the house, playing with the nursing pillow. She has become very motherly since the baby came home: putting diapers on her bears, swaddling and rocking them, strapping them into the baby carrier, etc...

Donna's birthday celebration

The toddler and her new baby sister

Oh, something disturbed Winnie's peace

The toddler ready to go home, wearing her favourite puppy hat

The proud grampa

A thoughtful baby

Winnie laying on my lap

Reading time with the kid

Winnie sleeping in her crib

Sleeping peacefully!

1 comment:

  1. pictures!!! Keep them coming.
    It looks like everyone is adjusting nicely to the new addition.
    Love Aunt Christine