Sunday, May 13, 2012

May Happenings

It's been a busy month here. I've been finishing up my research paper, entitled "Real-Time Enterprise Integration with IBM Message Broker". Nikki has been very active going to the Y and playing with the kids. She had her birthday and we went on a date to Genji, a sushi restaurant downtown. We also got Winnie's hair cut at Melonhead, a kid's hairdressing place. Me and Winnie went to a junior ballet, Snow White, at the Centrepointe Theatre. It was not easy to follow the plot but she enjoyed the dancing, and she even said "Oh no..." whenever something bad happened (Snow White got kicked out, or fell asleep from the apple). She clapped at the end of every dance. Not bad considering it was a 7:30 PM show. We also went camping at a small campsite in Gatineau. We're going to Algonquin Park next Friday, too. Today, we had a picnic with my classmates at Britannia Park. Here are some pictures.

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