Monday, August 2, 2010

August Long Weekend Camping

This weekend, we decided to go camping with our friends, the Dolans, and two foster children, 7 and 9, who have been staying with us since Thursday.

Our plan was to pick up the Scout canoes, paddles and PFDs Friday night then head out Saturday morning and come back Sunday morning. We went to Pontoon Lake and to the Scout cabin. The weather was quite warm for most of Saturday, 25 C or so, but it called for a 60% chance of rain in the evening.

We took two canoes out across the 1.5 km stretch to the cabin. We had dried meat and chips for lunch. We picked raspberries and reserved about a cup for the babies. Winnie loved to sit beside a raspberry bush and eat them right off the bush. We went swimming off of the rocks, which were slimy but the water was nice and we had fun. Me and Byron also took the kids fishing and we managed to catch a small jackfish before heading in. With four people in the boat, I am glad we did not catch a big one. It was easy to unhook the small one without bringing him into the boat.

Just after dinner it started to rain and we headed inside for hot chocolate. The moms tried to put the babies to bed and Caleb took a while, but finally went down. The older kids went to bed and the adults played Gin and Rummy for an hour or so, before we all went to bed. Caleb didn't sleep very well so Jenn and Byron had to get up at 6 AM and head back to town prematurely.

The rest of us woke up later, had eggs and bacon for breakfast, then headed back to Yellowknife at around noon. The kids and I had to take two trips in the canoe to bring all of our gear back, and then bring Nikki and Winnie back, but it was fun and the weather on Sunday was very nice again.

Unfortunately, there were no pictures taken, but it is for that reason that you are able to enjoy my sonorous prose.

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