Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mary's Visit

Mary just left and her visit was very pleasant. We got many parts of our house cleaned and ready for summer. She got to come to us to many restaurants in town and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. The weather has gotten better lately and we went on a picnic yesterday afternoon to Reid Lake, 45 minutes down the highway. The sun felt great and the kids even ventured a bit into the water.

A lynx we saw at the edge of the road

A beaver eating a fish

Some foxes Mary saw

Mary holding Winnie

Mary's meal (fish skewer) at Bullock's Bistro

The rest of Bullock's

Mary and Nikki at the restaurant

The view from Pilot's Monument

The park at Reid Lake

The meat cooking on the fire

Two moms nursing

Me at the Wildcat Cafe

Another view at the Wildcat

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