Tuesday, March 17, 2009

2009 Winter Cub Camp

I was sick all weekend but I had to plan for the annual March Break winter Cub Camp out at Hidden Lake. It wasn't very easy to arrange all the rides and participants, the activities and everything. All with a fever and headache. But we ended up with 9 kids and two vehicles. We met up with the older Scouts at the camp and had a very good time. They cooked up very tasty and hearty food, like waffles, sausages, mac n cheese, burgers, eggs and ham. We caught two fish and we ate one. I even got to teach most of the Cubs how to drive the snow-machines and they had a lot of fun with that. The Cubs slept in heated tents which was a bit stressful, but it went fine in the end. I don't think it would have been good for many more nights as the sleeping quarters were bedlam, pardon the pun.

Arriving at the camp

The sleeping tents and cabin

The first fish caught

The second fish caught

Boiling water on a tripod, the first activity

Calling home on the sat phone to check if Nikki is in labor

Going with Kevin to the outhouse first thing in the morning

Laughing and enjoying some hot chocolate in the cabin

The whole group at the end of the camp with the parent that came to help

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